The Cederberg mountains extend about 50 km north-south by 20 km east-west. They are bordered on the west by the Sandveld, the north by the Pakhuis Mountains, the East by the Springbok flats and the south by the Kouebokkeveld mountains and the Skurweberge. The main access road, the N7, runs to the west of the range. The nearest towns are Citrusdal to the southwest and Clanwilliam to the north. The area is sparsely populated.

There are several notable mountains in the range, including Sneeuberg (2026 m) and Tafelberg (1969 m). Tafelberg (Afrikaans for "Table Mountain") should not be confused with the Table Mountain in Cape Town. Notable landmarks include the Maltese Cross, Wolfberg Arch and Wolfberg Cracks.
The dominating characteristic of the area is sharply defined sandstone rock formations (Table Mountain group), often reddish in colour. This group of rocks contains bands of shale and in recent years a few important fossils have been discovered in these argillaceous layers. The fossils are of primitive fish and date back 450 million years to the Ordovician Period.

The summers are very hot and dry, while the winters are wetter and cold with typical annual rainfall in the low lying areas of less than 700 mm. The higher peaks receive a dusting of snow in winter. Summer days are typically clear and cloudless. Due to the clear skies most of the year, it makes an excellent site for skywatching and has its own amateur observatory.

Clanwilliam is situated at the foot of the mighty Cederberg mountain range ±230 km from Cape Town. It has lots to offer the tourists, namely the beauty of the mountains, rock art, bird-watching, historical buildings, the scenic beauty of the flowers in "Flower Season", as well as water sports. We have ample accommodation in and around the town. Various 4x4 routes and hiking trails are available in the area.
Clanwilliam is situated in a part of the Western Cape which is the only place in the world where Rooibos is planted and cultivated.

We have been involved in the Rooibos industry since 1995 when we started producing Rooibos tea on the farm Nooitgedacht in the Clanwilliam district. In 2000 we expanded our business by adding a processing plant and then a packaging plant.
The Red T Company has since been known as the most dynamic boutique company in the Rooibos industry. Our clients appreciate the “hands on” approach of the enthusiastic management team.
Because we have contracted producers we are able to source the best Rooibos that is available in quantities that we need.

We are the perfect business partners if you need:
• Bulk Rooibos tea
• Packaged Rooibos tea
• Contract packaging
• Contract processing of rooibos tea.

The managing director is assisted by four managers who are each a specialist in their field. Each manager has taken on the role of mentor for up and coming personnel in their departments.

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